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2 Essential Services That Your Local Garage Can Offer To Keep Your Vehicle On The Road.


People in the United Kingdom are a nation of car lovers and we are always doing something new to our cars on a monthly basis. Every weekend, weather permitting, we are out there in our drives washing and polishing the paintwork. We are blacking the tyres and polishing the wheels in an effort to have our car look its best. However, we forget that the measure of a good car is not about how it looks, but about how it performs.

In the UK, all cars that are 3 or over must go through an MOT test and this test tells us if our cars are roadworthy and good enough to be on British roads. There are a series of checks made on the car from the brakes to the exhaust emissions and if your vehicle isn’t up to scratch on all of them, then your car is failed and it has to get fixed. Cars are expensive enough to run with insurance and tax and so you need to find affordable garage services in Cranleigh who can get your car ready for the test.

These garages offer a number of services and here are some of the essential ones.

  1. Your brakes must be up to the task as they are the only thing stopping you from running into the car in front of you, or those pedestrians crossing at the zebra crossing. Your local garage will check the brake pads and the shoe and make sure that the brake fluid is sufficiently topped up.
  2. Your engine needs to be running at its cleanest and at optimum performance because it needs to pass the emissions test. An engine oil change will be necessary and some tuning as well to get it purring like it should be.

Your local garage has the expertise and the knowhow to get your car performing like it should.

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