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Classic Vintage Cars Can Never Lose their Aesthetic Value to Enthusiasts – Alpman Ilker Confirms


For those who have got a love for the cars, owning some of the classic models is like a dream come true for them. These classic models are nothing but a marvel of human ingenuity and indeed a testimony to man-made excellence. Not to the surprise of many, the cars are often compared to the beautiful women as well. For those who are fanatics about these wonder cars, they go to the extent of cosseting their cars more than their wives as well.

It’s more of a pride than even prestige in owning such vintage cars in the society since it is not considered to be owned by everyone. There’s no doubt that possessing such a hobby is not just expensive but also a strenuous one since one needs to keep hunting for these vintage cars and travel to the rarest of the lands to be the proud owner of one exclusive piece. Right from leisure, it has turned out to be an object of passion and connoisseur’s delight. It is one such entry to the exclusive clique, of which only a selective few can be a part of.

It was the opulence of the wooden dashboards, the luxury of the quality upholstery, the slow roaring of the humming and silent engine and the quaint sound of the horns from the bygone era that actually brought in peace to the frenetic pace of life that Alpman Ilker lead. It seems to be really ironical standing in the 21st century when cars are mostly bought for speed, efficiency, and maneuverability; these same factors were never even taken into any kind of consideration earlier.

It was more of the wow factors that drew car enthusiasts so that they could have the best leisure spent on their prized possessions. Although Alpman is a general contractor at a construction company by profession, he has this knack for some of this exquisite automobile collection, and that allows him to draw the necessary oxygen for the rest of the year to work.

Traffic back then was minimal, and hence there wasn’t any fear of fondling with these big cars on roads. Rash driving was seen  car window seal once in a decade, and it was the love for the car that made them behave so tenderly with their cars. Not just the chauffeurs, but also the service and maintenance was carried out at a regular interval, and the mechanics were brought to the personal garage rather than taking them to the service centers. It was the VIP treatment that most of the cars enjoyed.

But gone are those days. It’s more about speed and slickening look that draws the car enthusiasts nowadays. The greater the specs under the bonnet more are the value attached to the vehicles. What according to Alpman Ilker has degraded is the attachment that the car owners had with their vehicles earlier. Very easily they can replace the existing models with the newer versions nowadays which were hardly found earlier. Although the time has changed the value of vintage vehicles still hold same in the market- because old still remains gold for many even now.

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