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How Do Police Investigate A Stolen Car?


The most important which arises in mind after the car is stolen is that how do police investigate a stolen car. Mainly what happens is that when a car is stolen and the news is reported to the police they usually will begin with their investigation by gathering all of the information about vehicle. This includes so many tasks that can be stated as taking photographs of the car then the recording of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is done proceeding with the checking for any of the outstanding warrants or any tickets that could be associated with the car.

What are the further steps taken by police?

According to the reports generated by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tgere are approximately 800,000 cars which are stolen in United States every year. This can be estimated at around $600 million loss is happened fir tbw car owners as well as insurers. The vehicles which are stolen most commonly are older model sedans and SUVs these are such vehicles which could be easily sold out or stripped for parts.

What happens when a car is stolen?

When a car is stolen, the first and foremost step is to call the police. Then the police is given the task of investigating about what actually happened. This could be a crucial yet complex process and there are several steps which are needed or required be followed for the means of finding the car along with bringing the perpetrators to justice.

What should a person do if his car is stolen?

If an individual notices that his car has been stolen there are several steps that a person needs to act upon in order to ensure the best possible outcome. The first step individual needs to take is to report the theft to the police as soon as possible. This would greatly help in creating a paper trail along with giving the authorities a better chance of finding out the individuals vehicle. The next step that an individual needs to act upon is reaching out to the insurance company in order to file a claim. The individual must be sure that he has all of the relevant information handy that includes the policy number  as well as contact information.

What is happened when the police recovers a stolen car?

When the police recovers a stolen car they would first try to find out the rightful owner. If they are not able to find out the owner they might auction off the car. The further procedures from the auction would go to the police department or agency that helped in the recovery of car. In some of the cases if there is no evidence stated about who actually stole the car and it is not getting able to be returned to the deserving owner there is a possibility that the police might keep the car for their own use. However this is rare as because most of the cars which are stolen are eventually returned to their owners.

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