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How To Buy An Economical And Comfortable Car For A Minimal Price?


When buying a new car, the buyer first considers the price. The cost of a car is a criterion, which in most cases is crucial. Therefore, in the field of automobile production, and then sales, a certain balance of price and quality was formed. In other words, future owners of “iron horse”, try to find a car cheap, but with good technical characteristics. In the process of searching, a paradox arises – it is difficult to find a suitable machine precisely because the choice is extensive, the models are dozens and hundreds. Each manufacturer has its own range of models, which includes the best copies of automotive equipment. These machines have been tested for years, have good features and it seems that you should buy such a car. However, the market has already received new models for a similar price, in which the parameters are not worse. Buyer in confusion – “how not to lose”. As a result, he gets a car, chosen for subjective reasons.

Carmakers, on the other hand, are trying to follow customer demands. Thus, there are more and more relatively cheap but quality models on the market. As a result of the long-standing practice of “natural selection”, when cheap cars oversaw expensive cars, a segment was formed, which could be conditionally called “budget cars”. This systemic structure is spreading around the world. Formulating “budget cars” involves buying a new car, without exceeding the monthly or annual family budget. In this case, you do not need to take a bank loan, borrow money from friends, sell your property. Budget cars are bought in installments or at a lump sum, but in any case from the means that your family has at the moment.The novelty will correspond to the external characteristics of cars such as “Suzuki Swift”, “Honda Brio“, “Ford Figo


The dynamics of modern life do not leave a person with a choice – it should be a car in the family, it is necessary. The new budget car is an affordable acquisition that will not cause a heavy burden on the life of a couple with two or three children. On the contrary, the car will be a source of pleasure, you will have the opportunity to travel, travel on nature on weekends, and on regular days the car will become an indispensable assistant in business, take you to the market or supermarket. The new budget car is a solution to many domestic problems. And when the problems are solved, you can also relax in the soft seats, after a short walk with his family members.

Today, when the choice of models has become almost unlimited, I want to buy the best budget car. To do this, there are many Internet portals, special brochures, fact sheets. And most importantly, you can consult in a showroom, where you will be given comprehensive information on the latest innovations in the automotive market. Thus, the best budget car can be located in your garage in the near future.


It is generally accepted that the more expensive the car, the more reliable it is. This is not always the case, and although cars worth more than 500,000 rubles are safe enough, they are bought mainly for prestigious reasons, while budget new cars are a means of transportation. Recently, South Korean companies have significantly improved the quality of their products, positive changes have only affected the exterior so far, but the popularity of Hyundai, Daewoo and Kia has grown, and prices have remained at the same level. Thus, budget new cars of Asian descent are confident coming forward. However, South Korean brands do not lag behind Japanese models.


On the Russian market, the brand “Datsun” will soon appear in the segment “budget Japanese car”, whose assembly is expected in our country. According to preliminary forecasts, the price of the car will not be more than 400 thousand rubles.

The new budget of the Japanese car is planned to be produced based on the factory facilities of AvtoVAZ in Togliatti. The documentation, obtained by Japanese engineers, will allow the production of two Datsun models simultaneously, using the 2190 platform, on which the Lada Kalina is based. Nissan Design Center in Japan is engaged in the development of the exterior of Datsun cars in the Russian version. The body-building tool has been entrusted to Togliatti engineers.

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