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Mobile Auto Glass Repair – Everything you need to know


Among the most crucial elements of the automobile is the glass, and in case it breaks, it is crucial to get it repaired. Mobile auto glass repairing has become the most convenient means for solving repairing issues. We very well know that your money and time are precious, which is why this guide has been written to inform you all you need to know about  mobile auto glass repairing in San Jose.

  1. When to Repair Windshield & Things to check

A minor chip or even a crack in the windshield is considered an issue of safety, so it is crucial to get your windshield repaired in time. The most important thing you should be looking for while getting your windshield repaired is the injection of special adhesives into those parts of the damaged windshield. Furthermore, several insurance companies tend to waive the deductible and provide a cover for the expenses of repairing windshields. This means that you do not eventually pay anything out of your pocket for getting the auto glass repaired.

  1. My Recent Experience

Recently I had availed the mobile auto glass repair services from Glass Fixit, they claim to be one of the most trusted and professional glass repair service providers. I had a pleasant experience while I got my car’s glass repaired while I was at my home.

  • First and foremost, you can schedule your appointment of repairing auto glass through a call or online.
  • Post my appointment was booked, I got all the details about the technician on my email address along with his photograph. This is helpful not only because of its convenience but also due to the times of pandemic.This made the process more easy since now I know whom to handover my keys.
  • The technician was extremely professional and also all the social distancing normas were followed from the start till the end of the service. He greeted me with a thumbs up and smile (I hope, since he was wearing a mask)
  • He checked for the possible damages caused to your car’s windshield to repair it. Then, a safe adhesive approved by AGSC was utilized to repair the damaged glass so that it does not become unsafe for you in the future.
  • Later, as they claim on their website there was no signature required, there were multiple payment options, including cash, debit, credit card, Visa, MasterCard, and more.

The Bottom Line

To ensure your safety and that of the other passengers in the car, it is essential to get a damaged windshield repaired no matter where you are or how busy you are. When the infection of a virus can spread quickly from one individual to another due to its contagious nature, it is preferred to avail mobile services by getting an appointment on-call or online. Therefore, always remember these points before getting your windshield repaired.

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