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Some Ways to Replace Battery of Car

  • Make sure the vehicle is turned off, the emergency brake set and the vehicle is in the parking zone.
  • Avoid spilling the battery acid on the clothes or the paint
  • Connect the wires to the appropriate it’s terminal

Here are the instructions to follow to change the car battery.

Gather the Requisite Materials

The first thing that is to be obtained is the replacement it. Find out the kind of battery required and make a note of the car’s make, model and the size of the engine. It is crucial to set up a proper work environment as well before the it is removed. Park the vehicle on a flat and level surface and away from traffic as well as open flames. Remember that batteries contain sulphuric acid electrolyte solution that is extremely corrosive. Work with the safety goggles and gloves on.

Put on Parking Brake

This is one of the most critical strategies to adopt. Make sure while the battery is changed, the car has to be idle. When the car is parked on an incline or a fairly steady ground, the stress is put on the car’s transmission. The parking brake can stop the vehicle even if the chief brake system fails.

Remove Old Battery

To remove the old battery, you need to locate it. It can be found on an accessible section on either side of the frame of the car. It is actually a rechargeable box which has two cables attached. There are a few exceptions. Some cars have the battery stored under the mat of the trunk, some have them under the rear seat and some are inside the fender of the wheel well. Next, identify the positive and the negative terminals and disconnect the negative, followed by the positive terminal. Done? Remove the this.

Clean the Tray

Using baking soda and a battery cleaning solution, clean the signs of corrosion that may be left behind on the it’s tray. Clean it cable connectors with a wire brush. Use a battery cleaning solution to remove the signs of corrosion from the connectors.

Place New Battery

Place new battery with positive and the negative terminals on the accurate sides. Connect the screws, clamps and the bars so that it remains in its place. Connect the positive and the negative terminal and close the hood.

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