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Step by Step Process to Becoming a Member of King of Investment.


Are you an online merchant? Seeking a secure payment gateway? Great, you are at the right place at the right time. In this era where everyone is worried about their secure payment gateway. The King of investment builds a system for payment gateway in Australia called KOI PAY. It is predicated as the breaking step of KOI to create a solid foundation that has the “World” vision.

Today we are going to share the main part of how you can be a part of the king of investment payment gateway. You need to follow the following step that is going to describe how you can register yourself for King of investment gateway. You take this information on our official Telegram Group.

Step 1:

Open your system browser.

Step 2:

Add Url: https://kingofinvest.co/  in your browser. Press enter. The king of investment takes a few seconds to load on your browser.

Note: Make sure you are on the right page.

Step 3:

After loading the site. Check the main menu bar at the top of the side. In the main menu on the right side. You will see a green button named “login”. Click on the login button if you have already registered. Otherwise, leave this step.

Step 4:

After loading the home page. Go to the end of the site page. In the bottom menu, you will see the register tab. Click on the register tab and wait for processing. It will take a nanosecond to load the registration page.

Step 5:

After opening the registration page. Enter the following information in sequence.

Username: Enter your name in the username tab. For Example Jhon

Email: Enter your email address in the Email tab. For Example [email protected]

Password:  Enter the password in the password tab. It can be a combination of character, Special Characters, and numbers. For a secure password, for Example, Jhon1992@

Confirm Password:  Re-enter the password manually. As you have mentioned above.

Username Sponsor: Must enter the sponsor username who guides you to be part of the king of investment payment gateway.

Step 6:

After entering the right information on given input fields. Take a single glimpse as the information is correct or not. Now press the button name as “Create account”

Wait for the page Load it takes a nanosecond to save your information into a secure database. Congratulations!!! You’reregistered now.

Next time you just log in to a simple process.

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