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Strategies for Selling New and Used Vehicles


Selling cars can sound to be somewhat different from selling other goods. A car is a big deal, whether it is a new one, or a used. It is a big investment from the side of the buyer, and also involves many other aspects, like insurance and financing, that make things more complicated. But then, is selling a new car and selling an old car, both take the same skill? In this article, we would discuss these facts and try to analyze where lies the difference, at all if any.

Selling New Cars

If we start about the strategies of selling new cars, we can first learn from the examples of successful salesmen, who maintained a good record of selling new cars in their career. The senior sales persons of the Hyundai dealer serving Deland agreed on the same point that one does not need to be overtly extroverted and friendly person to successfully convert a prospective customer into a real one. Instead, one needs to have great patience and sense of understanding to become successful in the job of selling a new car especially in this highly competitive market.

When it comes to selling new cars, the competition is higher than that of old car. That is because, nowadays all the manufacturers are launching similar products with almost no difference from one another. To convince an onlooker to choose one over the other, where little is differentiable is thousand times more difficult a task than selling an old car. As the number of options increases, the chance of the potential customer to change his mind increase too. So, before he moves on to the next dealership showroom, the job of the salesman is to show him rays of hope, that he is already at the right place. all he has to do, is note down the budget, the number of travelers he needs to accommodate in most of the times, the taste, the level of performance he is expecting and then showing a car that fits in most of these criteria.

Selling Used Cars

So how different will it be to sell a used car? To start with the skill you need to have again is a sense of understanding why a particular customer has decided to purchase a used car? If it is because of the budget, the workload comes down to half, as in that case the salesman only has to find the cars that suit the budget, then describe the features, and since, it is more of utility that will mostly be counted here, finding one won’t be difficult as numbers of used cars would be lesser in competition than the new ones. Things will be even better if the salesman can find a brand-new car the customer for the same price as that of his budget.

According to all the senior salespersons at the new and used Hyundai dealer Deland, the most crucial part of the strategy is not to presume anything, before the customer opens up with his requirement.  With this, the task of finding the right used car for the customer gets easier and, in the process, you win trust and goodwill both for yourself and the dealership you work for.

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