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T56 Transmission


Introduction to the T56 Transmission

Owning a car is every man’s dream. Not only a car but a good car, a great machine. A vehicle that is budget friendly, but also strong. A car that you can ride around and about the city is also reliable.

One that is also stylish. But how do you identify such a car? And more so, if you are a newbie to the world of car buying?

First, you have to look for a car with a good transmission among other factors. Eh, what? Just a minute? What has the transmission got to do with it?

A transmission is a machine which provides a controlled application of the power. It is simply known as the gearbox. One that uses gears and gear train to give speed and torque conversions. The conversions are the ones that make a car move.

The T56 transmission is one such strong transmission. It was created by Borg-Warner in the early 1990s. The transmission switched over to Tremec, formerly Transmission Technology Corporation in 1998.

You may wonder, why T 56 transmission? The technology used inT56 transmission is one of the main things that set it apart.

Some of the Features of T56 transmission includes:

  1. The strength – T56 is one transmission that has a lot of strength.
  2. Variation in gear ratios –the transmission offers a variety of gear ratios. The gears are in a set of 2 options
  3. a) the gear set is 2.97 in 1st, 2.07 in 2nd, 1.43 in 3rd, 1 in 4th, 0.8 in 5th and 0.62 in 6th. It comes with a reverse gear ratio of 3.28.

b)the gear set is 2.66 in 1st, 1.78 in 2nd, 1.3 in 3rd, 1 in 4th, 0.74 in 5th and 0.5 in 6th. It comes with a reverse gear ratio of 2.9.

  1. Weight -T 56 transmission is light in weight. It is too light for its large size. The bell and case housing are made of aluminum. The dry weight of the transmission is approximately 115 pounds.
  2. Transmission length – the length of transmission varies depending on the user application. It ranges between 26.4 to 29.4 inches.
  3. Capacity-The T56 has a transmission fluid capacity of 4 quarts.
  4. Manual transmission-It has a 6-speed manual transmission
  5. It uses a hydraulic clutch.
  6. Easy to repair- the transmission is very reliable and well built. Similar to any other machine, it is prone to breaking down, tear, and wear. With the help of a qualified mechanic, it can be repaired easily.

 Pros of the transmission

  • T56 transmission is popular and widely used because of its strength and durability. Thus the reason why it was mainly used as performance cars.
  • It offers double overdrive. The top 2 gears are both overdrive gears.
  • It has a quiet transmission.


  • In cases where the hydraulic system is not maintained properly, a grinding and annoying noise.


Now that you’ve known more about t56 transmission get to action. T56 is what you are looking for in a powerful car. Get to row your gears at an affordable cost.

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