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Think You Can’t Afford a Car? Think Again


You may think you’re unable to afford a car. But there are a lot of people out there who are more able to afford a car than they may think! Consider these options. Perhaps your dream of buying a car someday soon isn’t dead!

Insurance and gas

A lot of people aren’t thinking about the immediate upfront costs when they say that a car is too expensive for them. They’re usually thinking more about the driving, the costs that crop up when you actually own and use a car. They’re thinking, of course, about car insurance and gas prices. And, as any car driver will know, these things are hardly cheap. But there are always ways to save money on these things. Find out more about saving on insurance and general running costs at http://www.autoexpress.co.uk.

Speak to the dealer about finance

The dealer will probably be more than willing to help you if you want to explore more affordable payment options. These days, most reputable car dealerships offer finance options. This will see you pay the total price off with smaller monthly payments. Make sure you read more about finance at https://www.zuto.com.

Look into getting a loan

Getting a car on finance from the dealer is, technically, getting a car on a loan. But perhaps there’s a particular deal you want to go for that you don’t have the required capital to get. If you’re really certain that you need that particular deal, then you could look into getting a loan from a regular creditor.

You don’t need to borrow all of the money required to on the car. This is likely to go into the six figures area, which is probably higher than you’d feel comfortable borrowing. You could look into getting a smaller amount that settles much of the earlier payments. Either way, of course, you probably need to have a good credit score. Read more at https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk.

Get a used car

This may seem like an obvious suggestion to you. But you’d be surprised. I’ve spoken to a few people who complained about not being able to afford a car. When I suggested to them that they should look into used cars, they either hadn’t considered it or (most of the time) seemed repelled by the idea. Going used is a great idea, but some people are so set on owning a new car that they dismiss it. Which is a shame – you can often get really good cars at a much lower price. Heck, even a near-new car that was only used for a few months can be much cheaper than brand new! Find out more at http://www.hiltongarage.co.uk.

Consider renting

If you’re really desperate for a car but can’t go with any of the above options, you may want to look into renting a car. Of course, this option may not be for everyone. It’s usually an option taken by people who need the car in the near future for something very specific. It’s not a good option if you want to have it around for months on end! Look into car rental at http://www.avis.co.uk.


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