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3 Things That Your Local Mechanic Will Check For Regarding Your MOT Test.


We are a nation of car lovers in the United Kingdom and we treat our cars like we would our kids. We constantly bathe them and dry them off and we try to provide as much protection for them as we possibly can. With a car, we apply an extra coat of wax to protect the bodywork from the rain and cold and we vacuum out the interior to make sure that it is clean and to keep it smelling nice. However, these are all cosmetic things and they don’t assist with the smooth running of the car.

All cars over 3 years old in the UK need to take a yearly check to make sure that they are mechanically sound, and that they are safe enough to be on the road. You can get qualified MOT testing in St George and your local mechanic will do a number of things to your vehicle.

  1. The oil and filter needs to be changed on your car’s engine. This helps the car’s engine to run smoothly, but also reduces its emissions, so that you pass the emissions test.
  2. The brakes, pads, shoes and brake lines all need to be checked by your mechanic. If your car cannot stop within a safe distance, then it will fail its MOT test and you can’t drive it legally on the road.
  3. All lights on your vehicle need to be working like your headlights, your indicators and internal dash lights as well. If any of these are not working on the day, then your car fails the test.

If your car is due its MOT, get it into your local mechanic today and make sure it is able to pass.











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