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Buy a Used Car to Get Your Money’s Worth


Buying a car is a very expensive purchase other than buying a home. And if a person is financially challenged, then buying a new car is unnecessary expenditure. It’s not just the price associated with a new car that is waste but also associated costs, losses in value, subsequent costs etc. But a used car in the other hand which is not used for not more than 2 or 3 years and is run under 30,000 miles is a very good deal and can save the buyer a lot of cash according to the Carlsbad GMC dealer. Below are some advantages of buying a used car.

Less depreciation and lower price tag:

Used car are better bargains as if someone bought a car for $50,000 then the car could be someone’s in just $25,000. The average price of a new car should be taken into consideration. Reports from CNW marketing research tell that the average price of a 2008 new car was $25,000 and the car is worth around $13,000 today. The second buyer saves the same amount of money the first buyer loses. Buying a used car that is one or two years old will let the buyer lose less money over time.

New cars have sales tax:

Every advertisement made on a new car adds tax. New cars must have sales tax as stated by many laws whereas used cars don’t. These sales taxes can be thousands of dollars added by the dealer. Proper research should be done on local laws about sales tax before making a decision.

Less registration fees:

The registration fee is based on the car’s model and value in most states. The registration fees decrease after few years of the car’s manufacturing date. The first 3 years charge the highest registration fees. So paying thousands of dollars as registration fees can be avoided by buying a used car that is at least 3 or 5 years old.

Cheap features and no useless extras on used cars:

New car dealers always try to rip off customers by adding extra options like pinstripe, anti-rusting coating, protective film etc. which can be bought at the market at lower prices. Also these add-ons don’t have any effect on the car’s resale value. Used cars certainly may not provide all desired features but they will prevent the payment extra undesired features as said by the Carlsbad GMC.


The modern cars built nowadays are built to last for around 100,000 miles. So used car can also provide great overall condition and reliability as most of the buyers think that they have to sacrifice these while buying a new car. There are great chances of getting a car that is scratch less and is in great shape. In fact if proper research and time is given a buyer might be able find a used car as good as new. Also if a buyer is uncomfortable with this then he/she can use extended warranties or can contact a reliable used car dealer.

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