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What You Need To Know About Importing Motorhomes


Importing a motorhome into Australia can be a bit tricky, so the first thing you should do is find a consultant or an auto moving company like Dazmac International Logistics who is going to help you out from start to finish.


Before you do any kind of importing, it is always the best idea to check out the status of the car you want to import. You should check if all the regulations are fitting with the country you are importing it from, and the country you are importing it in. While these regulations can be edited later on, it can turn out to be quite expensive if your new motorhome requires a lot of editing.

The best way to make sure everything is alright is to take the manufacturer’s records and give them to your auto moving company. If everything checks out, then you will need to get a certificate that serves as a permission to actually start an import appeal which will always go smoothly if the certificate is one hundred percent alright.

Even the luxurious motorhomes can be imported if they have they can pass the regulations

Ask the person shipping to clean your vehicle

Whenever a vehicle is shipped somewhere, it is best to be cleaned first. This is not only because it will be dirty once you receive it, making you do it anyway, but during the transfer, the vehicle will have to go through some check-ups. For example, if the vehicle has some dirt on its wheels that has seeds or plants which could potentially harm the ecosystem of the country you are importing it.

This can get you a very big fee, and it might actually return the vehicle back to the senders destination because it is ineligible to enter the new country, making you wait twice as long before it arrives. During all these checkups you will have to pay a standard fee anyway, however, it is best to clean your new motorhome so the fee is not bigger than you intend it to be.

Types of shipping

Once all the paperwork and the regulations are done, you should consider which type of shipping you would like to take. For this, it is best to hire Dazmac Logistics for importing motorhomes into Australia as they got a lot of experience when it comes to shipping handling. You will be able to choose between a container and a roll-on-roll-off boat depending on the size of your motorhome.

In case you are purchasing a modern motorhome, it will most likely be shipped on a RORO vessel. These vessels only arrive at specific destinations, so It is best that you arrange a driver from the auto moving company you choose to co-operate with. This will save you a lot of time as you will not wonder into unknown areas, wasting hours through the traffic, thinking if you are going the right way.

RORO vessels are a great and safe way to transport a motorhome, however, they only stop at specific harbors

Final Word

Moving motorhomes is actually not that complicated like it is to import some other vehicles such as luxury cars or older cars. However, once you have the motorhome in your position, you should register it immediately as this is something a lot of people forget to do.

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