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Calculating Holiday Caravan Insurance


The cost of caravan insurance can vary depending on the length of your holiday, where you are going and the value of your caravan. For example, if you are going to France for a week and taking your caravan with you, expect to pay more than if you were staying at home.

The following factors will also affect the price:

Tyre size – larger tyres cost more to replace so they’re factored into the cost of your policy.

The weight of the caravan – if it’s heavy, it will be more expensive to insure due to its risk of causing an accident or damage to other cars or property.

You may also have different options available such as ‘all risks’ which covers accidental damage as well as theft.

Holiday caravan insurance is available on a wide variety of policies; single trip, annual multi trip and even annual worldwide cover. The first thing to consider is whether you need single trip or multi trip cover. Single trip covers your caravan for a maximum of 28 days (or in some cases 31 days) whereas multi-trip cover can provide cover for up to 2 years. If you’re planning an extended stay abroad then multi-trip cover will be more cost effective than arranging individual policies each year.

The next area to consider is the excess or deductible amount that you’d like to pay if your caravan is damaged or stolen during your trip. An excess usually applies if you make a claim during the policy period, however many insurers offer a free excess waiver on certain claims such as theft while abroad or damage caused by flooding.

The value of your caravan – The amount of money that you would expect to get back if something happened to your caravan and it was completely destroyed. This can be different depending on whether the caravan was new or old and whether it had been modified in any way.

The amount of money you would expect to get back if something happened to the interior of your caravan – If there was damage done inside your caravan such as holes in the roof or broken windows then this would need replacing before you could use it again. Again this depends on whether things were new or old and what level of damage was caused.

In order to calculate holiday caravan insurance, we need to know the value of your caravan and its contents. The value of a caravan can be determined by its age, condition and specification. It’s important to note that if you have multiple caravans or travel frequently, it may be worthwhile considering an annual policy as this will save you money compared to paying for individual policies every time you go away.

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