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Consider These Tips Before Buying a Truck in India


Trucks have become a significant part of the automobile industry in India. They’re popular because of their versatility, along with their ability to tow, store cargo, and tackle nearly any type of terrain. Here are some important tips to consider before buying a truck to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.

Selection of the Best Axle Layout

Consider the type of axle layouts and configurations that are available before hand. Depending on the amount and type of load you’re carrying, there are different layouts that are more appropriate for each scenario such as:

  • Are you carrying cargo long distances throughout difficult terrains?
  • Or are you making shorter but more frequent trips?

Passenger Capacity

Many trucks come standard as two-seaters, i.e. for the driver and a single passenger. Trucks with two-person cabs are typically less expensive than trucks with larger ones, and come with longer beds. If you don’t plan on transporting many passengers and need more cargo space, the standard cab configuration might be your best value. If you’re going to need more passenger capacity for friends or family, definitely go with a larger cab.

Engine size and Horsepower

A normal truck for everyday commuting that isn’t used much for transportation purposes will require a 4-cylinder engine which will help you save money on gas.
If you’re buying a truck to carry heftier cargo or trailer, then you will need a V6 or V8 engine which are pricier, versatile and powerful.

If you’re towing construction equipment such as excavators, then you won’t require the same power as you would need for long-distance commercial trailer towing. Be sure to inquire specifically about the truck’s capacity and if it will meet your own towing requirements.


Research on the mileage of the truck you intend to buy. If you want a truck to travel long distances then a less mileage truck would a better option and vice-versa.

Two-wheel drive vs. 4×4 drive
Deciding whether a 4×4 truck is worth the extra money has a lot to do with weather and your driving habits. If you live in a place that doesn’t see a lot of rain or snow like Gujarat, and plan to use your truck for commuting, then a 4×4 truck is unnecessary, as opting for this drivetrain will significantly reduce your gas mileage.

If you live in Manali or some kind of hilly terrain where it snows and rains a lot, and you plan to drive the truck off-road for work or pleasure, then the improved traction of a 4×4 truck can prevent you from getting stranded in the muck or snow.

Manual vs. Automatic Transmission

If you’re deciding between a manual and automatic transmission, you should take into consideration the traffic conditions where you are driving. If you plan to spend a lot of time in traffic, then an automatic transmission will save you a great deal of unnecessary shifting and is the best option. If traffic isn’t a concern, then a manual transmission can improve your control over the engine without the burden of excessive shifting and unnecessary movement.

Finances and Budget

Buying a truck can be expensive. Set your budget before you start looking so you don’t end up wanting something you can’t afford to. Don’t forget to figure in any trade-in you might have that can help offset the cost a bit so you can get a bit more for your money.

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