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Latest Safety Features Installed on 2019 Chevrolet Cars


Chevrolet as one of the first row automakers in the industry had always proved its sense of responsibility by taking the right steps at the right time. Safety is one thing that can never be pushed to the second seat of priority. So, if you take a look at the recent models of Chevrolet, you can see the bevy of safety features they weave in. At one of the Seaside Chevrolet dealerships, we were given a list of safety features that you will find common in almost every Chevrolet vehicle, and here’s how they work towards providing a safe driving experience.

Automatic Forward Braking

This system of Automatic Forward Braking works by detecting the probability of a front-end collision especially when the concerned Chevrolet vehcle is following another vehicle. The system detects any vehicle driving at the front. The system applying the brakes, in case the driver fails to apply them in time.  The aim of this system is to reduce the severity of the collision on the people involved in it. The system can even help avoiding the collision in totality if you are driving at very low speed.

Front Pedestrian Braking

This is a system that can detect whenever a pedestrian comes directly at the front of the Chevrolet car and there is even a slightest chance of a  collision. The system plunges into action if the driver could not apply the brakes in time. It starts with sending a timely alert to the driver about the situation that needs an immediate action and then automatically starts applying the brakes giving the driver some time to compose himself, while it avoids the collision of its own, or at least reduces the impact of the harm that could be otherwise caused by the collision.  

Alert System

The alert system in the Chevrolet cars work with the help of the sensors, cameras and radars that help detect anything that indicates a possibility of a crash or collision. The alert system can detect the car departing from its track, getting closer to another vehicle or any obstructing object, other cars at the rear, and other traffic situations.


To make the safety systems work as soon as there is any chance of a collision, the primary tool that needs to work at first is the set of cameras. It is the cameras placed at strategic places with their respective functionalities that initiate the systems of safety in the Chevrolet vehicles. Let us see, where and all the cameras work and how.

Adaptive Cruise Control

It is a camera used for forward-looking to enhance the cruise control speed and is automatically adapted to maintain the driver-selected gap between the vehicles around, reducing the need to brake or accelerate off and on.

Rear Vision

When driving in Reverse, especially in the parking slot, or for any other reason, this camera is used to capture the scene that is directly behind the vehicle through the display unit to help the driver to park and avoid from crashing into any objects especially during low-speed maneuvering.

Surround Vision

This camera is to help the driver with the “bird’s-eye” view of the entire scenario that is happening around the vehicle displayed through the center stack display.

To explore the latest safety features installed in the latest Chevrolet vehicles, visit the Seaside Chevrolet dealer near you.

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