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How New Drivers Should Drive


Learning how to drive is adding a life lesson to your life which is as exciting that words aren’t enough to describe them. For anyone who learns driving, getting a driver’s license becomes a fulfilment of ambition to go free on road with a vehicle in hand that would listen to your instructions and take you wherever you want to go. The freedom of movement, the unrestricted mobility, the independence to travel any distance and finally driving through several terrains allure the new driver, but at the same time the excitement might distract the new driver from staying focused on roads and following the traffic rules strictly and without fail.

Experts from the Phoenix Mazda dealerships shared some insightful tips on how a new driver should start driving independently on the road that would save him from getting entangled in troublesome situations:

Set of Rules to be Followed by the New Drivers

As not every situation-handling could be explained or included within the driving lessons, a new driver might be at a loss of ideas, on what needs to be done, in which situation and how. So here are some common and uncommon hypothetical scenarios that are listed below along with the best steps to be taken:

Facing a Car Accident

Depending upon the severity of the accident, there are certain things to be done. First is asking help from the road assistance service numbers. Then taking some photographs of the accident to get proof of the accident to claim the insurance. Next is establishing a contact with your family members. Moving yourself and the vehicles to the safer sides of the road is another important thing and calling the emergency services to receive medical treatment for severe injuries is the most vital step to be taken.

Getting Pulled Over

Getting pulled over is common for new drivers as they do not have a thorough know-how of the traffic rules followed in different places. Without being embarrassed or afraid, a new driver should face it with a composure of mind.

According to the Phoenix Mazda dealer, a police officer following with their lights on is a clear indication of a pullover. In such case, one needs to pull off the car to the side, turn off the engine, roll down the window and keep the hands visible so that the officer is able to see them from a distance as they walk up to the vehicle. Making any sudden move or trying to escape the spot would worsen the situation and never think of arguing with the police officer, as you would be given a fair chance of defending yourself in the traffic court, if you have a point against the ticket.

Dealing with a Flat Tire

If your tires go flat, there would be no other option but to pull it off the road and keep it out of the flow of traffic. The know-how of changing a tire would be an added advantage, but make sure to do it safely out of the traffic zone. If that is not an option for you, then it is better to stay in the vehicle and call the roadside assistance service.

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