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Why choose a Pontiac GTO for a restoration project


If you own and drive a Pontiac GTO muscle car, like Robert St. Thomas – it means you are one of the few individuals who drive a powerful automobile. The Pontiac GTO stands out from the crowd, and this is a vehicle that will always trigger admiration.

When your Pontiac GTO develops issues, what do you do? The right thing would be to get it fixed. Your muscle car would need the perfect restoration project to get it back to full working condition or to enhance its general looks.

Below are some common issues that can prompt you to choose a restoration project for your Pontiac GTO:

  • When the Engine Overheats
  • When the Coolant Leaks – Such leak may result from the water-pump area and can lead to critical overheating condition of the engine.
  • When the throttle is dirty, this can trigger low speed.
  • When there is a loose or worn out gas cap or a defective catalytic converter; such conditions can trigger the Check Engine Light to light up.
  • When the air injection valve is restricted, this can affect the vehicle’s movement and speed.
  • When the car’s Brake fluid becomes dirty, this can trigger issues within the brake system.
  • Transmission/fluid issues

When you discover coolant leakage, the right thing to do would be to replace the leaking water pump; and for a dirty throttle – you can perform a throttle body service which should ideally correct such situation. This can best be done only by an expert Pontiac GTO repair technician.

Your technician can help change plugs in every 100,000 miles covered, and also flush brake fluid for every 60,000 miles covered.

You can prevent transmission/fluid issues by having a technician help inspect and service the transmission/fluid in every 30,000 miles covered. Where the fluid is seen dark or burned, you need to completely overhaul the transmission system.

Aside attending to repair issues as mentioned above, you may need to define your restoration project further and this could include restoring the vehicle’s patch quarter-panel, rebuilding the car’s rear differential or installing new seat covers, priming, painting, among others.

The idea of restoring your Pontiac GTO should be fun, so work with an expert that has good experience and methods for managing a restoration project; and if you feel you have the knowledge to do it yourself – it can be really exciting!

Make sure that your Pontiac GTO restoration project location is clean and secure – avoiding high foot traffic or unwanted attention so that you don’t misplace vehicle parts or restoration tools. You need good space for keeping things together and organizing removed parts.

The main reason you choose a Pontiac GTO restoration project is to transform the vehicle and make it appear better, more customized, and so that you can drive it around without faults.A correctly restored Pontiac GTO is an object of beauty all time!

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