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The Most Dangerous Things Motorcyclists Should Avoid


Motorcycles are cool, but there are many risks involved with owning one. Today, I’ll talk about four things that all motorcycle owners should try and avoid. To find out more, carry on reading the article below:

Riding While Tired

We’ve all seen the signs and the adverts that urge people not to drive a car when tired. Tiredness leads to a lack of focus, and your reflexes are way below par. This becomes an even bigger issue for people that ride motorcycles. Riding a motorcycle requires a lot more focus and effort than riding a bike. The tiniest drop in concentration is all it takes for an accident to occur. So, factor in some tiredness, and you have a big problem. Never ride your bike unless you’re 100% awake and alert. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself, and others, in danger.

Debris On The Roads

One thing you should try your best to avoid all the debris on the roads. Small things, like sticks and pebbles, can cause big problems for motorcyclists. When you’re traveling fast on two wheels, it only takes the smallest of things to knock you off course. Many road accidents occur because a biker rode over a big twig and got knocked off balance. The obvious way to avoid this is to slow down. Slowing your speed ensures you see everything on the roads and can avoid debris.

Using Race Tires

A lot of motorcycle junkies want to make their bike as cool as possible. The easiest way to do this is to stick some awesome race tires on it! They think it will help them look like a pro, and go faster on the roads. But, as Bikers Basics debunks, this is false information. Race tires won’t make your car any faster at all. If anything, it increases your chance of injury, and you shouldn’t have them on your motorcycle. If you want to improve the look and performance of your bike, then find some road legal tires instead. There are plenty that offer better grip, helping you go faster, safely.

Popping A Wheelie

Who remembers all those time we spent as kids riding our bicycles? Everyone always used to pop a wheelieand see how far they could cycle with one wheel in the air. It was so fun, and everyone thought you were so cool. When you own a motorcycle, the lure of the wheelie is back. Some people love popping a wheelie on their bike because it looks amazing. However, save these tricks for the professional stuntmen! Pulling a wheelie on the roads is beyond dangerous for you and everyone in the vicinity. For one, you can barely see where you’re going when the front tire is up in the air. Secondly, you won’t be able to turn properly if your front wheel is up in the air. It’s just a tremendously dangerous idea, don’t do it.

For the best riding experience, you have to avoid these four things. There’s less chance of you getting into an accident, and the roads will be a much safer place too.


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