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UVO The Technology Package from Kia


Kia shows its uniqueness in every step it takes. They have introduced UVO, an eService that can be subscribed free of cost by any Kia vehicle owner. It is an OEM infotainment and telematics service that Kia Motors America has incorporated in their select vehicles especially for the United States market. Kia in collaboration with Microsoft developed this integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system to enhance ease and comfort while driving.

As described by the Kia dealer Carlsbad, here are different services that UVO performs with equal efficiency:

Emergency Services

911 Connect: if you face an emergency situation, UVO would be there to help. Its 911 Connect spreads across all UVO suites, to help you out whenever you need them. In cases of airbag deploys, UVO will automatically try to call 911 and share the vehicle’s location to the nearest emergency action agent.

Roadside Assistance:

The standard UVO eservices are made available in two different suits named eco and luxe, in which Roadside Assistance is made easy with a simple push of a button, which will immediately connect you to help you out at any hour of the day, with their 24/7 availability.

Infotainment & Communications

  • Hands-free Calling and Texting: With the advanced voice recognition option of UVO, you can make calls while both your hands are on the wheel. For the iPhone users the system allows to text through the voice command.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility: For both iPhone and Android users, UVO has tuned itself with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to let you enjoy your smartphone features while riding a Kia.

Personal Assistant

  • Parking Minder: UVO eService, has a feature namely, Parking Minder that saves your parking location on the UVO app, setting parking times and meter reminders.
  • My POIs with Send-to-Car: Now you can go on add your favorite places on the UVO app or on its online portal to sync them with your Kia and choose one to receive turn-by-turn directions when you drive through.

Diagnostic Service

  • Vehicle Diagnostics: UVO can diagnose your vehicle with a simple press of a button. If there is any disorder you can call the Roadside Assistance to get immediate repair work or can schedule a service session right from your app.

  • Critical Diagnostic Alert: This feature is to create and send notifications to the users in case the concerned Kia model is facing any critical issues.

My Car Zone

  • Curfew Limit Alert: Kia UVO has this alert system to keep Kia users on schedule. This is to create an alert if the Kia vehicle is being used by any unauthorized person or being used beyond its regular usage schedule.
  • Speed Alert: To maintain safety on road this system makes the driver aware that the speed limit is being crossed.

Geofence Alert: To know if your Kia is being used by any unauthorized person beyond your known area, you can Set up a list of restricted areas or boundaries for your vehicle crossing which the app will notify you automatically. To know more contact the Kia dealership Carlsbad.

Summing Up:

With UVO, Kia has met all the latest technology standard that makes driving and maintenance of Kia easier and safer.

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