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What is it About Cars which has Changed?


There is a lot that has changed about cars that we will delve in today in this article. From transmission to tires to augmented aspects of a car everything has become a thing to marvel at. Let us see the bits which have changed

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Fueling has changed as cars are becoming electric. There are also plug in vehicles but other cars such as electric ones are ruling the market. And it is not about how but about when they will take over. There are a lot of cars which has embedded new things in terms of fueling.

If you are after an electric car then Tesla is your choice but with GE throwing out Chevrolet Bolt EV the landscape has officially changed. It has a driving range of 238 miles. New model Tesla 3 packs similar performance and comes within same price range.

This is a time where Tesla and Volkswagen have put in their efforts in the designing of electric vehicles. Since there is competition there is going to be need and demand and subsequently, sales. These auction in japan for used cars will enable you travel with ease and at a faster speed.


The advancements in computers and software have completely transformed the driving experience. Yes, you guessed it. We are talking about self-driving cars. Many luxurious vehicles are adopting this driving technique in their cars and it is only a matter of time before we experience self-less driving on the roads.

The will be better equipped with responding to signals such as when to stop and when to go. This way chaos at the signal or accidents will be taken care of. Car manufactures like Nissan and Volkswagen are becoming the leaders of providing self-less driving and are going to be known as the pioneers in the industry.

These cars will very much be responsive to traffic and nearby pedestrians in such a way that they will tailor the speed according or will apply brakes when they see someone walking on the road or zebra crossing is approaching.


Self-driving is not limited to companies just manufacturing them but they will also be purchased in huge quantities. People will seek the help from financial institutions to allow them the lease so they can purchase their desires self-driving car. And this is not very far away from us, as we speak.

Carpooling concept will be more visible as not everyone can purchase the self-driving cars. And the best part the general public is comfortable with the idea of NAA Tokyo auction cars driving themselves. I know human touch is essential but it is humans which cause the accidents and not the cars itself

Therefore it is time we let the AI/robots take over and may be the can make the roads a better place for all of us involved Ride sharing companies are also on the rise. There are hardly any people who have not heard of Uber. People use Uber to commute because they know they cannot spend time stuck in traffic all by themselves. It exhausts them.

Via Uber they have the company of the fellow driver and he relax back and enjoy the ride. So this points out to the change in behavior people are exhibiting everywhere in the world.

In Conclusion

The real challenge today for the automobile industry is to come up with transportation systems that seeks to serve the customers’ interests right. While at the same time keeping the system affordable. However, keep the options open. You cannot leave it all to the machines.

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